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If you are generally interested in the wellbeing and growth of all Australians and looking for a vehicle to promote your company or product, then a sponsorship program with 'Life. Be in it' FunWorks may be a great opportunity for all concerned.

Since 1975 'Life. Be in it' has been providing the opportunity for all Australians to get out there and have a go, to become more active and to practise healthy lifestyle choices so everyone can enjoy what life has to offer.

In the past, the 'Life. Be in it' program has enjoyed the support of government funding till 1981 and since then numerous private and corporate sponsorships have helped promote the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle.

To play a part in the future of one of Australia's most well known lifestyles campaign, simply contact our 'Life. Be in it' FunWorks management team on 1300 FOR FUN or send us an email detailing your interest.

The 'Life. Be in it' FunWorks programs operate in QLD, NSW and ACT, however, we can arrange a national sponsorship deal if required.


 Current list of sponsorship programs