‘Life. Be in it’ started in 1975 and was adopted on a national scale in 1977. Soon after, this humble ad campaign become one of the most recognisable health promotions in Australia and a bloke by the name of ‘NORM’ became a national icon.

The aim of the program was to promote an increase in daily activity levels among all Australians and to promote awareness for the importance of regular physical activity.

Although our principles are the same, our methods and programs we deliver have come a long way. Linking up with professional event management services and fitness professionals, we deliver this important message to be more active and live more of your life through fun interactive games, fitness activities and team challenges.

Life. BE in it sydney

To see Australians of all ages and cultures have the opportunity to lead a more active lifestyle.

Providing professional and affordable services for schools, private events and corporate functions that will encourage people to be more active.