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Trust/ Support/ Challenge/ Initiative/ Leadership
The 'Life. Be in it' FunWorks Team Building program incorporates all of the above qualities that help develop a successful team. Our experienced leaders will deliver a program in consultation with you to help bring out the best in your team.

We have equipment and proven activities designed to get people working cooperatively in a non-threatening environment, be it a corporate team building event or a school activity program. Debriefing throughout the team building program will also help provide a link during the activity to the personal and working lives of the participants.

Getting started: Motivation is what makes a team work. If you want a team to work, it’s not enough to tell them they are a team and therefore must perform as one. You also must show the team members that it will benefit them personally.

  • Do you think of your team as a team?
  • Do you reward team effort, not just individual effort?
  • Let your group know they belong to a great team!
  • Develop and encourage team goals!
Corporate Challenge
Our NEW corporate challenge days are not just for top end business but for anyone who wishes to enjoy a fun team building experience incorporating adventure, challenge and excitement. Suitable from teenagers and up.

With a more competitive feel, our team leaders will set up a corporate challenge that will have your team competing like never before. This program is based on multiple teams working out clues and completing fun challenges and tasks to finish the event. After careful consideration, our corporate team building coordinators will develop a program in the desired location utilizing the local surrounding and our extensive range of team building equipment. Prepare for the unexpected!

We can also deliver a similar team challenge experience as part of our school activity programs for high school age students.

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