Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the following programs and can include branding and signage:

‘Life. Be in it’ FunWorks can create an affordable sponsorship program suitable for your needs. We will arrange all promotional material clearly stating “Proudly sponsored by (your name)”. The event details and sponsor will also be promoted on this website and direct to our club members. We help attract media and local attention where ever we go.

  • Come & Try:

    If your sporting group or club are looking for more participants, ‘Life. Be in it’ FunWorks can help promote and attract many potential new members to your sporting club.

  • Active Weekend:

    This family fun program is a great way to promote your company or interest while providing fun, active entertainment during the weekends. Ideal for reaching out to many people in targeted locations of your choice.

  • School Holiday Programs:

    Promote your product or name to a target market during this very busy time of the year – school holidays. If getting information to mums, dads or the kids is what you need, then this is a great, fun way to reach out to potential new clients.

  • School Activity Programs:

    ‘Life. Be in it’ FunWorks can help promote your brand/ product or organisation to hundreds, maybe thousands of school age students and teachers while providing a fun, entertaining activity program. One of our more popular sponsored programs, we offer exclusive sponsorship in your region or state. Strict guidelines apply.

If you have some great sponsorship ideas, then let’s talk about it.

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